Flash Drawing Tools

Flash Drawing Tools

Flash drawing tools create vector graphics – mathematical equations that your computer translates and displays as drawn objects

Lines in Flash are called strokes
Shapes in Flash are called Fills

2 areas of the drawing toolbar

  • the toolbar buttons
  • their options


 Flash Stroke

Flash Toolbar
Line Tool – Hot key N                Flash Options
The Line tool draws straight lines


When a line intersects another line is slices it into two separate lines

Select the line tool
Click and drag a line on the stage

Hold down the shift key while dragging for a line drawn on one of 45 degree increments

Flash Line Tool
Flash Drag Line
Pencil Tool (Y)       Flash Slices
The pencil tool has 3 possible modes

  • Straighten
  • Smooth
  • Ink

Lets you draw freehand, straight or curved lines
Flash Draw Freehand

  1. Straighten – performs shape recognition, which means that if you draw a rough square, circle, straight line, or curve. Flash will perfect the shape based on what it thinks you’re trying to draw
  2. Smooth- it smoothes jagged lines
  3. ink- does not modify your line
  • Click the pencil tool

(The pointer becomes a pencil)

  • Select your pencil mode (smooth)
  • Draw on the stage by holding down the mouse and dragging, let go of the mouse to stop drawing

Shape recognition:
Lets you draw rough shapes

  • from the toolbar select the pencil
  • choose straighten from the pencil mode option that appears
  • with stroke panel open choose line color, size and style
  • select color from toolbar
  • move cursor on stage and draw rough shape, square, rectangle, triangle

Flash Pencil Mode

Oval Tool (O)          Flash Shapes
Use to create ovals

Creating Ovals:

  • Select Oval tool from toolbar
  • On stroke panel select line color, size and style, choose fill type
  • move cursor to stage
  • click and drag

To draw perfect circles, turn on snapping or hold down shift key when dragging
Flash Oval Tool

Rectangle Tool (R)        
Create rectangles

Flash Rectangle Tool 

Flash Circles

Use the round rectangle radius button to round the corners of the rectangles you create

You can enter values from 0 to 999

Creating Rectangles:

  • Select rectangle tool
  • On stroke panel select line color, size and style, choose fill type
  • move cursor to stage
  • click and drag

To create perfect squares hold down shift key

Polygon Tool (R)        
Create polygons or star shapes

Flash Squares

Click and hold the rectangle tool and select the polygon tool

You can change the settings in the property inspector

You can create up to 32 sides
Flash Polygon Tool
Click Options
Flash Property Inspector
Change the style to polygon or star
Flash Star Tool
Adjust the number of sides
Flash Adjust Sides

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