Free Transform Tool    (hotkey=Q)      

Flash Free Transform Tool
The free transform tool can be used to scale, rotate or distort any shape or object in Flash

4 options:
Flash Scale

  • Add an object or shape to the stage
  • Select the object and click on the free transform tool
  • Move your mouse to the corner of the object and drag it out

Flash Object or Shape

  • Move the mouse to the corner of the object
  • When the mouse changes to a curved arrow drag it to rotate

Flash Object

  • Move the mouse over one of the side points
  • Drag to skew the object

Flash Mouse Over

  • Click the distort option
  • Drag a corner out to distort

Flash Distorte Option

  • Click the envelope option
  • Additional points appear

Flash Additional Points

  • Drag one out to distort

Flash Envelope Option

Flash Distort