Images in Flash
Images In Flash

Flash can import image files

Any image you add will add to your file size.
Flash supports the following file formats for importing




Macintosh must have Quicktime installed










Both regular and animated






(Future splash player-Original Flash)





Flash also supports the following file formats with Quicktime 4 or later installed

.pic , .pct

(PICT) In windows as a bitmap






(Quicktime Image)


(Silicon Graphics Image)






Flash creates vector graphics. Vector graphics are made up of anchor points connected by lines or curves. Vector graphics can be resized without any loss of resolution.

Bitmap Graphics are basically a grid of colored pixels. Since resolution is the number of pixels in that grid bitmap graphics have a loss of quality when the resolution changes. Resizing a bitmap graphic to a lower resolution means pixels are lost. Resizing a bitmap to a higher resolution means the computer has to guess at the color of the extra pixels it must create.
Flash Vector Graphics
Importing a bitmap graphics

When you import a bitmap graphic you add its file size to your project. Even if you resize the image in Flash the original image will still be exporting into your final .SWF file.

You can import your image to the stage or to the library. If you import it to the stage it gets put on the stage AND in the library.
Import Flash bitmap graphics
Importing to the stage:

  • Make sure you are on a keyframe (not a frame)
  • Click on the File menu
  • Select Import
  • Select Import to Stage

Flash File Menu

  • Browse to the file you want to import
  • Click on Open

Import File in Flash
Importing to the library:

  • Make sure you are on a keyframe (not a frame)
  • Click on the File menu
  • Select Import
  • Select Import to Library

Import to Flash Library

  • Browse to the file you want to import
  • Click on Open

The image is placed into the library
Flash Images
Import a sequence of Files

  • Create a new movieClip symbol
  • Click on the File menu
  • Select Import to stage
  • Select the first file in the sequence

Flash File Sequence
Flash asks if you want to import the entire sequence

  • Click on Yes
  • Flash create a separate keyframe for each image
  • The movieclip now becomes an animation comprised of all the images

Flash Movie Clip
Copy and Paste images
You can copy and paste images from other program into Flash

  • Open Word
  • Click on Insert  | Picture |  Clipart

Flash and Word

  • Select the clip-art you want
  • Right-click on the art and select copy
  • Go back to Flash
  • Make sure you are on a keyframe
  • right click on the stage and Paste

Flash Art
Break Apart Bitmap
You can use any of your bitmaps as a fill

  • Add an image in Flash
  • Add a rectangle beside it

Flash Rectangle

  • Select a bitmap in Flash
  • Click Modify  |  Break Apart
  • Select the image with the eyedropper tool
  • Click on the rectangle to fill it with the image

Fill Flash Bitmap

Flash Transform tool
Modify a Bitmap Fill
Use the Fill Transform Tool to modify a bitmap fill

  • Add a bitmap fill to a vector shape
  • Click the Fill Transform tool

Flash Vector Shape

  • Click on the shape
  • Drag the white circle in the middle to move the fill in the shape

Flash Fill Shape
Drag the bottom left corner square
Flash Square
It expands the fill image

  • Drag the left center square and expands the width of the fill

Expand Flash Shape

  • Drag the bottom center square to resize the height of the fill

Resize Flash Shape

  • Drag the top right corner circle to rotate

Rotate Flash Shape

  • Drag the top center circle to skew horizontally

Center Flash Shape

  • Drag the right center circle to skew vertically

Skew Flash Shape
Magic Wand in Flash
Magic Wand
The magic wand is used to select parts of a broken apart image with similar color

  • Add an image
  • Click on Modify | Break Apart
  • Deselect the image
  • Click the lasso tool

Images in Flash

  • Click the Magic wand mode

Flash Magic Wand Mode

  • Select the color you want and it selects all like colors

You can modify the threshold so it selects close colors or not

  • Click the magic wand properties

Modify Flash Threshold

  • Adjust the threshold

Adust Flsh Threshold
Trace Bitmap
You can convert a bitmap into a vector graphic

  • Add a bitmap into Flash
  • Select it
  • Click Modify
  • Select Bitmap and Trace bitmap

Bitmap Images In Flash
Trace Flash Bitmap
The lower the numbers the better quality but also the higher the file size
Flash File Size
Lower Flash File Size

Hight Flash File Size